Welcome to Pocket Rockit!

Pocket Rockit is the newest fashion accessory for the modern man. Pocket Rockit’s are a statement piece which work equally well with formal suit, shirt, tie or a causal jacket, tee & jeans – they are little sparks of personality for men to accessorise with.

You may notice that Pocket Rockit are not exactly pocket squares, as they aren’t square at all. Pocket Rockit have 5 sides, like a pentagon, which was a keen design decision to enable a Pocket Rockit to be folded and display differently to others, but still maintain all the typical design folds of a traditional square look. Clipping the corner, gives even the most novice of ‘pocket origami wizard’ some striking displays without much effort.

At Pocket Rockit, we are totally mad about cool looking folds! When we source fabric to create Pocket Rockit, we are focused on ‘the foldability’ – or what we like to call “Pocket Origami” ! The softer the fabric, like silk blends, the softer the hold / folds; The stiffer the fabric, like satin / cotton / polyester blends have a stiffer hold – different fabrics give you different levels of pocket origami opportunities. At Pocket Rockit we have an amazing mix of both – and we think you need a good mix of both! Check out our ‘Pocket Origami Level’ scale noted on each design, which will let you know how much fold hold to expect. Regardless of your skill or technique, every Pocket Rockit will offer you individual style and each have a cool, slick personality once displayed in your suit pocket.

The headline of our business, for our loyal & passionate customer, is that our products are handmade (with real hands) and we create limited batches of each design! Our design lines are in short runs to help a dapper gent own his individualism. Once we sell through the design – that’s it! – you now own a piece of Pocket Rockit limited edition history! The joy of this means you don’t have to worry about wearing some mass market production piece and we get to keep sourcing new & exciting designs for you (…. & us) to enjoy! The only drawback, is that if you are keen on a design, don’t wait too long, as we would hate for you to miss out on it….

Pocket Rockit are all handmade and we source our range of fabrics from all around the world.
We take pride in our ethics on sourcing, production and quality of end product.
Pocket Rockit is an Australian based & owned company.

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Mr. BairdPhoto:  Pocket Rockit’s custom corner on Mr. Baird

 Brock WalterPhoto:  Pocket Rockit Creative Director – Brock Walter : @brockwalter