Meet the Rockit, Behind the Pocket…


Big Thanks for checking out our site! So as Pocket Rockit is new and pretty unknown, I thought I would share a little about the journey to this point and some of my methodology behind Pocket Rockit.

But where are my manners, Hi I’m Brock Walter.

I just started off as a regular joe, who stumbled across the fun you can have by adding your own little pocket flare to my business & casual attire.  I worked in breakfast radio for 4 years, which hosted a pretty self-expressive fashion workplace. You could come rockin’ in at 3am in jeans, high tops & a bonds tee… or if your alarm failed to wake you up – you are sporting the better part of what you slept in, a snuggie & ugg boots. Post-radio, I got a ‘real job’ in the corporate world and found myself wearing a suit every day to work and I’ve never been a massive fan of wearing ties.

So to avoid the ‘noose’, I began to ‘dapper-up’ my workday look with pocket squares. Fortunately for me, pocket squares actually gave me a classier & trendy look over my CBD suited brethren & the positive comments just flowed on in.! And so my addiction began,  and I started to buy and build my pocket square collection, mucking around with different folds – and ‘Pocket Origami’ was born. After a short time, my pocket squares and my pocket origami became my signature and a well know part of my personal brand. People would cross the room at functions to checkout my latest folds and ask questions about wear I got my pocket squares from.

So in a short time the generic, mass market produced, block squares of fabric unfortunately just weren’t cutting the mustard for me. As a man with a new demand – I actually found it really difficult to find ‘cool’ pocket squares. I’ve paid anywhere between $60 – $140 each (yep, $140 bucks?!?!), just to get something a different. So when a friend of mine said ‘Why don’t you just design & make your own?’ – I really didn’t have an argument for her..…. and in early 2014 – POCKET ROCKIT was born.

I work with a creative bunch who inspire me and also like to push the boundaries. But my mantra for the business from the out start was that everything we choose to do at Pocket Rockit will be affordable, foldable & boast individualism.

I have become a bit obsessed with ‘Pocket Origami’ & do love coming up with stupid names for them all! One pocket square can be folded to feel like 5-6 completely different ones. Pocket Rockit is modelled to embrace folding & we have a range of fabrics, feels & even double sided designs to play with.

We were determined to ensure Pocket Rockit stays affordable, so gents (like me) can justify picking a new ones and continue to update & grow theirs collection, without breaking the bank!

Every design line in short bespoke runs to help our dapper customers own their individualism & no worries on feeling they are wearing something mass produced – Pocket Rockit are all made by hand.

The headline for those passionate is we do limited run batches so once we sell through that run – that’s it! You now own your little piece of Pocket Rockit limited edition history! The joy is that we get to keep sourcing & creating new designs for you (…. & me!) to enjoy!

Thanks for taking a moment to experience our site and if you do choose to buy some a Pocket Rockit for yourself or someone else, do enjoy them! Please tag us in on Insta to share your pocket origami folds with us @pocketrockits. – I’m an insta-junkie, so feel free to share & stalk me too @brockwalter.

I take real pride in what we are producing and have an amazingly devoted team working on our products. If there is ever anything we can do to encourage you to keep coming back, hey, just let us know! We DO make custom, bespoke designs for corporate clients and wedding – so let me know if you are looking for a special design, just for YOU.

Well that’s enough of blah blah from me,
DO Dare to be Dapper. GO Rock your Pocket.



Brock Walter